Dataset: Secchi disk visibility dataset, Great Barrier Reef


Each collection station is denoted by latitude and longitude and sometimes by name of reef, and date.

Secchi readings comprise vertical readings from the lagoon and from inshore surveys. The secchi values are reported in metres.

Site locations (for AIMS data): 13-050, 13-063, 13-120, 13-123, Alexandra Reef, Bait Reef, Barb Reef, Barnard Is., between High and Fit Reefs, Blue Water, Border Is., Cape Tribulation South, Cockburn Reef, Coned Rock, Cumberland Passage, Daydream Is., Deloraine, Dent, Double Cone Is., Double Is., Dungeness Reef, Dunk Is., Edward Is., Fitzroy Is., Flinders Reef, Gallon Reef, Green Is., Hannah Is., Hastings Reef, Hay Is., Hay Reef, Hazelwood, Heath Reef, High Is., Hook Is., Hook Reef, John Brewer Reef, Johnstone Estuary, Johnstone River, Kent Is., King Reef, Lindeman Is., Line Reef, Lizard Is., Long Is., Low Isles, MacDonald Reef, Morris Is., Murdoch, Myrmidon Reef, Nomad Reef, Norman Reef, Normanby Is., Normandy Reef, North Banard Is., Ogilvy Reef, Osborne Reef, Pine Is., Repulse Is., Russell Estuary, Russell Heads, Russell Is., Russell River, Silicon Reef, Snapper, South Barnard Is., Stanley Channel, Stanley North, Stephen Is., Thrush Reef, Thursday Is., Trinity Inlet, Tully estuary, Upolou, Warrior Reef, Wednesday Is., Wilkie Is., Yonge, Zuna Is.

General Information