Dataset: Beetaloo seismic update



The dataset was compiled by the Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program from source data referenced within the dataset and/or metadata. Seismic interpretation including a review of the interpretation of five horizons and the fault network, Beetaloo Sub-Basin.


Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program


All the available geological and geophysical data over the Beetaloo sub-basin were loaded into a Petrel project and interpreted focussing on the interpretation of the shallow regions as well as some deeper horizons. Horizons and faults were interpreted including with fault polygons, for five horizons, creating TWT structure surfaces which were depth converted using the velocity model based on checkshot derived interval velocities tied to wells. The study focused on the faulting present in the shallow section, from above the Velkerri Formation to define the fault network for the shallow section of the Beelaloo Sub-basin.

General Information