Dataset: Direct Toxicity Assessment of flowback waters from Beetaloo Sub-basin



The dataset was compiled by the Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program from multiple sources referenced within the dataset and/or metadata. Supporting information is provided for the direct toxicity assessment (DTA) conducted on flowback waters from two exploratory wells in the Beetaloo Sub-basin, Northern Territory, Australia. The data consists of the chemical characterisation (physico-chemistry, inorganics, organics and radionuclides) of the flowback waters, major ion analysis of the dilution waters used in the DTAs and the methods of chemical analysis. Details of the test methods and diluent composition used in the DTA are given as well as the toxicity data and physicochemical data from the DTAs. Statistical parameters of the comparisons made between the species sensitivity distributions derived from DTA with the flowback waters and respective salinity controls are given.


Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program


Chemical characteristics of the flowback and dilution waters were generated with chemical analytical techniques. Direct Toxicity Assessment data were generated using referenced standardised protocols.

General Information