Dataset: Budget 2022-23 and Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) - Tables and Data - March


The 2022-23 Budget is officially available at as the authoritative source of Budget Papers (BPs) and Portfolio Budget Statement (PBS) documents. This dataset is a collection of data sources from the 2022-23 Budget, including:

The data has been provided to assist those who wish to analyse and visualise key elements of the 2022-23 Budget.

Data users should refer to footnotes and memoranda in the original files as these are not usually captured in machine readable CSVs.

We welcome your feedback and comments below.

This dataset was prepared by the Department of Finance.

Information about the PBS Excel files and CSV: The PBS Excel files published should include the following financial tables with headings and footnotes, which are also are available in CSV. Much of the other data is also available in Budget Papers Nos.1 and 4 in aggregate form:

Please note, total expenses reported in the CSV file ‘2022-23 PBS line items dataset’ were prepared from individual entity program expense tables. Totalling these figures does not produce the total expense figure in ‘Table 1: Estimates of General Government Expenses’ (Statement 6, Budget Paper 1). Differences relate to:

  1. Intra entity charging for services which are eliminated for the reporting of general government financial statements;

  2. Entity expenses that involve revaluation of assets and liabilities are reported as other economic flows in general government financial statements; and

  3. Additional entities’ expenses are included in general government sector expenses (e.g. Australian Strategic Policy Institute Limited and other entities) noting that only entities that receive funding (either directly or via portfolio department through the annual appropriation acts.

The original PBS Excel files and published documents include sub-totals and totals by entity and appropriation type which are not included in the line item CSV. These can be calculated programmatically. Where modifications are identified they will be updated as required.

If a corrigendum to an entity’s PBS is issued after budget night, tables will be updated as necessary.

The structure of the line item CSV is:

The following Portfolios are included in the line item CSV:

Tables of interest found in both Budget Paper No.1 Budget Strategy and Outlook and Budget Paper No.4 Agency Resourcing are included for reference as well.

General Information