Dataset: ACCC Mobile Infrastructure Report – data release


This dataset provides data on mobile sites and coverage maps within Australia and is sourced from information collected under the ACCC’s Audit of Telecommunications Infrastructure Assets – Record Keeping Rules (Infrastructure RKR).
The information is collected from the three national Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Singtel Optus Pty Limited (ACN 052 833 208) (Optus), Telstra Corporation Limited (ACN 051 775 556) (Telstra), TPG Telecom Limited (ACN 093 058 069) (TPG).

*Please note, the ACCC has aggregated the frequency band coverage maps submitted by the MNOs to create additional technology level coverage maps which are available below (where the technology level maps were not provided by the MNOs). Further information on this is provided in the data interpretation guide (below) that supports this data release.

All the files below can be downloaded and most of them can be manually uploaded and viewed on National Map ( Due to their significant size, a majority of Optus' technology level coverage map files may not be viewable in National Map. This also applies to some of Optus’ frequency band coverage map files. As such another mapping tool may be required to view these large Optus files.



General Information