Dataset: Sensor-Float 3 deployment at Lizard Island as part of the Facility for the Automated Intelligent Monitoring of Marine Systems - FAIMMS


A round 1.4m yellow buoy has been deployed in the eastern part of the main lagoon of Lizard Island.

The buoy is configured as a sensor-float with a Campbell Scientific logger, spread-spectrum radio and 2.4/5 GHz 802.11 wireless for communicating with the base station (located at the workshop near the Research Station) a surface mounted (60cm under the water surface) thermistor and an inductive modem to support a range of inductive sensors, initially this will be a SeaBird SBE39 measuring temperature and pressure (depth).

As of August 2010 the inductive sensors are located along a 30m cable that runs north into the main lagoon with a SBE39 located at the end of the sensor run.

The unit will be serviced every six months and will be used in the future for attaching new sets of sensors.

General Information