Dataset: New South Wales – Dryland Salinity Assessment 2000 – Assessmet of Dryland salinity extent 2050


The data shows areas of dryland salinity risk in 2050 in the Murray-Darling
Basin.Areas of risk are based on groundwater levels and air photo
interpretation. The merged data, at a nominal scale of 1:250 000, show actual
areas where dryland salinity or water-tables less than 2 metres have been
measured. For the extent map, every delineated area is underpinned by either
air photo data or by one or more groundwater bores. Therefore, the area at
risk is regarded as conservative due to limitations in the spatial coverage of
air photo and bore data. number of techniques to spatially extrapolate these
data to infer potential areas at risk were trialed but were considered
scientifically or statistically inadequate. Estimates of impacts are based on
areas at risk having groundwater levels of less than 2 m. An impact assessment
based on groundwater less than 5 m and rising was considered inappropriate.
Total areas affected with groundwater less than 5 m and rising have been
presented, but only for improved consistency with other States.

See [further metadata](
__00111a03.xml) for more detail.

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