Dataset: Namoi AWRA-R model implementation (pre groundwater input)



This dataset contains the excel spreadsheet extract and shapefile of all NAM coal deposits and resources.

Namoi AWRA-R model implementation.

The metadata within the dataset contains the workflow, processes, input and output data and instructions to implement the Namoi AWRA-R model for model calibration or simulation. In Namoi the AWRA-R simulation was done twice, firstly without the baseflow input from the groundwater modelling and then second set of runs were carried out with the input from the groundwater modelling.

Each sub-folder in the associated data has a readme file indicating folder contents and providing general instructions about the workflow performed.

Detailed documentation of the AWRA-R model, is provided in:

Documentation about the implementation of AWRA-R in the Namoi bioregion is provided in BA NAM and products.

'..\AWRAR_Metadata_WGW\Namoi_Model_Sequence.pptx' shows the AWRA-L/R modelling sequence.

Dataset History

The directories within contain the input data and outputs of the Namoi AWRA-R model for model calibration and simulation. The folders of calibration is used as an example,simulation uses mirror files of these data, albeit with longer time-series depending on the simualtion period.

Detailed documentation of the AWRA-R model, is provided in:

Documentation about the implementation of AWRA-R in the Namoi subregion is provided in BA NAM and products.

Additional data needed to generate some of the inputs needed to implement AWRA-R are detailed in the corresponding metadata statement as stated below.

Here is the parent folder:


Input data needed:

  1. Gauge/node topological information in '...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\gis\sites\AWRARv5.00_reaches.csv'.

  2. Look up table for soil thickness in '...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\gis\ASRIS_soil_properties\NAM_AWRAR_ASRIS_soil_thickness_v5.00.csv'. (check metadata statement)

  3. Look up tables of AWRA-LG groundwater parameters in '...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\gis\AWRA-LG_gw_parameters'.

  4. Look up table of AWRA-LG catchment grid cell contribution in '...model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\gis\catchment-boundary\AWRA-R_catchment_x_AWRA-L_weight.csv'. (check metadata statement)

  5. Look up tables of link lengths for main river, tributaries and distributaries within a reach in \model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\gis\rivers'. (check metadata statement)

  6. Time series data of AWRA-LG outputs: evaporation, rainfall, runoff and depth to groundwater.

  7. Gridded data of AWRA-LG groundwater parameters, refer to explanation in '...'\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\rawdata\AWRA_LG_output\gw_parameters\README.txt'.

  8. Time series of observed or simulated reservoir level, volume and surface area for reservoirs used in the simulation: Keepit Dam, Split Rock and Chaffey Creek Dam.

    located in '...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\rawdata\reservoirs'.

  9. Gauge station cross sections in '...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\rawdata\Site_Station_Sections'. (check metadata statement)

  10. Daily Streamflow and level time-series in'...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\rawdata\streamflow_and_level_all_processed'.

  11. Irrigation input, configuration and parameter files in '...\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\inputs\NAM\irrigation'.

These come from the separate calibration of the AWRA-R irrigation module in:

'...\irrigation calibration simulation\', refer to explanation in readme.txt file therein.
  1. For Dam simulation script, read the following readme.txt files

' ..\AWRAR_Metadata_NGW\dam model calibration simulation\Chaffey\readme.txt'

'... \AWRAR_Metadata_NGW\dam model calibration simulation\Split_Rock_and_Keepit\readme.txt'

Relevant ouputs include:

  1. AWRA-R time series of stores and fluxes in river reaches ('...\AWRAR_Metadata_NGW\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\outputs\jointcalibration\v00\NAM\simulations')

    including simulated streamflow in files denoted XXXXXX_full_period_states_nonrouting.csv where XXXXXX denotes gauge or node ID.

  2. AWRA-R time series of stores and fluxes for irrigation/mining in the same directory as above in files XXXXXX_irrigation_states.csv

  3. AWRA-R calibration validation goodness of fit metrics ('...\AWRAR_Metadata_NGW\model calibration\NAM5.3.1_low_calib\outputs\jointcalibration\v00\NAM\postprocessing')

    in files calval_results_XXXXXX_v5.00.csv

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2017) Namoi AWRA-R model implementation (pre groundwater input). Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 12 March 2019,

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