Dataset: Industry breakdown of PPSR registrations


The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the single, national online database of security interests in personal property in Australia. Personal property generally includes all forms of property other than land, buildings and fixtures. Buyers can check the PPSR to see if the valuable second-hand goods they want to buy are debt-free and safe from repossession. Businesses selling on terms, such as retention of title or consignment, or leasing, renting or hiring out valuable goods can register their security interest on the PPSR.

This dataset was specially created by AFSA for GovHack 2016. It contains the number of new registrations on the PPSR by ANZSIC industry division and subdivision.

AFSA sourced the Industry information from the Australian Business Register (ABR). To do this, AFSA used the Australian Company Number (ACN) to match records. To protect privacy, AFSA assigned each ACN a random number instead of showing the actual ACN.

This data is a subset of overall PPSR registrations created. It solely includes registrations created by organisational secured parties that have registered on the PPSR with an ACN.

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