Dataset: GBA species expert elicitation: methods report



Expert knowledge gained from extensive experience has been used extensively to inform ecological studies. It is often used when there is insufficient field data and resources are limited to gain more data. Experts can also be useful to validate models as their understanding of particular systems allows them to supply valuable feedback.
Individual expert elicitations were conducted for species persistence endpoints. Experts were identified from the relevance of their knowledge to the species, and the region (or equivalent ecosystem), by Chris Pavey (CP) from the Ecology Team. This dataset is a tabulated summary of the expert elicitation that has occurred between June - December 2020. Each row represents an endpoint representing the persistence of a threatened species and the feedback given by ecological experts for each species. If more than one expert was elicited for a species, their knowledge was combined to provide the detail for the network.
This dataset represents the expert opinion of experts knowledgeable of the modelled species at the time of the elicitation period. All experts identified the current knowledge gaps for each species and were reluctant to provide a value representing acceptance of material change from development before the species persistence was compromised. Therefore, it is recommended the dataset be used as expert validation of the species models, and as knowledgeable suggestions for mitigating potential impact on the species.


Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program

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