Dataset: Surveys on Macquarie Island for the Australian Antarctic Division, September to November 1997


Natasha Adams, surveyor, carried out surveys on Macquarie Island for the Australian Antarctic Division between September and November 1997.

A number of science programs required survey assistance on Macquarie Island.

Four major tasks were to be performed during the period of 13 September to 24 November 1997. These, in order of priority were

1 ASAC Project 2277: Track monitoring and assessment - location of tracks and monitoring of vegetation type and degradation in conjunction with Judith Urquhart

2 ASAC Project 1015: Location of botanical transects on four mountains for Craig Tweedie

3 Location of points of interest for Clive Crossley

4 Second order levelling between the Garden Cove Tide Gauges and the AFN site AUS211

Three other tasks were also undertaken in spare time whilst on the island

1 Location of Geological sites for Garry Davidson

2 Location of Royal Penguin Rookery boundaries at Sandy Bay and Bauer Bay for Mark Hindell

3 Location and heights of the named mountain tops on the island for AUSLIG

Information about the survey and data are provided in two reports:

N. Adams, 'Survey Report for Macquarie Island, September to November 1997' and M. King, R. Coleman and P. Standen, 'GPS data processing, Macquarie Island, September to November 1997'.

Available for download from the URLs below are:

(i) The differentially corrected point data from the walking track survey, as a spreadsheet.

Attributes include surface, disturbance indicators, drainage and gradient.

(ii) Vegetation along the walking tracks (points) extracted from the differentially corrected point data, as a shapefile.

(ii) Walking tracks (lines) generated from the differentially corrected point data, as a shapefile.

(iii) Natasha's survey report as a pdf.

The walking tracks are displayed in a pair of A3 1:50000 maps produced by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre.

A map list in the URLs below allows access to the Map Catalogue entries for these maps from which the maps can be viewed or downloaded as pdfs.

General Information