Dataset: ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014


This data set contains metadata and links for around 8,500 stories created around Australia by ABC Local Online reporters. All the stories are currently published live on the site.

The stories represent just a small sample of the ABC's regional coverage. ABC Local consists of over 50 local radio stations around Australia in both metropolitan and regional cities and towns. Amazing things happen every day around Australia and ABC Local staff are often there to record them.

This data doesn't represent every single story created during the time period. It's a small subset. But one which had fairly clean metadata and we were able to extract using limited resources.

Rights information

This data is metadata about existing publically available stories. In general terms, developers are free to use this data to explore ABC's content. But original stories and images should always be linked to. Stories and photos should not be reproduced in whole on another service. The stories themselves and their associated media items still remain the property of ABC and other rights holders where noted. Full details of copyright and more are listed on

General Information