Dataset: IMOS - AUV SIRIUS, CAMPAIGN: Great Barrier Reef, SEPTEMBER 2007


AUV Sirius (IMOS Platform code: SIRIUS) was part of a three week research cruise in September 2007 aboard the R/V Southern Surveyor documenting drowned shelf edge reefs at multiple sites in four areas along the Great Barrier Reef.

Sirius documented relic reefs up to 20k years old formed during previous ice ages when sea levels were up to 100m lower than today. Broad scale bathymetric mapping was used to confirm if the reefs are consistent geomorphic features and to define patterns of past reef growth.

Sites for targeted dredging, sub-bottom profiling and AUV imaging were then selected for detailed study of particular features.

All activities were undertaken during a 21-day cruise aboard the R/V Southern Surveyor, Australia's Marine National Facility operated by CSIRO.

The study of these structures may yield insights regarding potential future sea level changes and their potential impact on sensitive reef areas such as the GBR.

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