Dataset: Southern Surveyor Transit ST 01/2009 Multibeam Echosounder Data


Multibeam echosounder data collected on Southern Surveyor transit 01/2009, Sydney to Wellington, using the Simrad EM300 multibeam echosounder to acquire high resolution seafloor bathymetry and backscatter information. This transit took place 26-Jan - 1-Feb 2009 (there was only a small amount of swath data collected at Gasgoyne Seamount 26-27 Jan). Ping rate varied according to depth. Data are stored in Simrad *.all raw format at CMAR and Geoscience Australia (GA). There are 39 files totalling .7 GB of raw data in this dataset. Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the cruise report for this transit and/or the data processing report (as available).
The data was processed in May 2014. GSF, ascii files, and images have been created.

General Information