Dataset: Bechervaise Island - penguin colony boundary survey February 2000


This GIS dataset is the product of a survey of penguin colony boundaries at Bechervaise Island by Lisa Meyer of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) in February 2000.

For each boundary point Lisa measured the distance from a surveyed metal pole to the boundary point of a penguin colony and then took a bearing with a compass back to the pole. The boundary point locations were calculated by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre from the distances and bearings using the UTM Zone 41 grid.

The metal poles had been surveyed during the 1999/2000 summer season as described by the metadata record 'Bechervaise Island - Survey of penguin colony markers and some infrastructure'.

Lyn Irvine of the AAD identified whether the penguin colony points were nests, colony markers or other boundary points.

Map 13042 in the SCAR Map Catalogue displays the penguin colony boundaries.

The nests in penguin colonies K, L and Q were surveyed in February 2002 as described by the metadata record 'Adelie Penguin nest locations on Bechervaise Island'.

General Information