Dataset: Anthropometric Survey of the Royal Australian Navy (ASRAN)


This data represents the raw data captured in the 2015 Anthropometric Survey of the Royal Australian Navy (ASRAN), as well as the data embedded in the Multivariate Virtual Fit Test. The ASRAN data provides 87 measurements, collected digitally and manually on 1322 Permanent Royal Australian Navy (RAN) personnel (232 females and 1090 males), aged 18–54 years. It can be used for the design and evaluation of vessels, systems, equipment and clothing. This data can be used to conduct multivariate anthropometric analyses and to determine precise levels of fit and accommodation based on the anthropometry. Note that it is always recommended to consider the inclusion of secular change, personal equipment and clothing correction factors, and other allowances that should be considered when using the anthropometric data (comfort, movement, posture etc).

The Multivariate Virtual Fit Test has ASRAN data embedded in it, and supports the conduct of multivariate analyses. This tool developed by Prof Matthew Parkinson and Dr Matthew Reed can be used to predict accommodation in clothing, systems or platforms where body dimensions are independent of each other (e.g., how many people have a stature of x and a bideltoid breadth of y). It is very valuable to demonstrate the decreasing accommodation that occurs when using the historical 5th and 95th percentile values across multiple anthropometric dimensions.

General Information