Dataset: Australian Irrigation Areas (Vector), Version 1A, National Land and Water Resources Audit


This data set shows designated and actual irrigation areas in Australia
compiled by the National Land Use Mapping Project of the National Land and
Water Resources Audit to assist in the identification of irrigation areas in
Australia. Additional data custodians include Agriculture WA, Queensland
Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Murray-Darling Basin Commission,
New South Wales Department of Land and Water Conservation and Tasmanian
Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.aDesignated irrigation
areasa indicate areas with administratively defined boundaries which have
associated rights and obligations pertaining to use of water for irrigation.
The precise meaning of the term adesignated irrigation areaa varies from
region to region. aActual irrigation areasa indicate areas with
observationally defined boundaries within which irrigation is practised. The
boundaries have been supplied by various agencies and cover the more important
irrigation areas in Australia. Users of this data set should be aware that
there are irrigated areas outside the designated and actual areas shown and
that there are non-irrigated areas inside them. This is particularly true of
Tasmania and the Murray-Darling Basin.The data set is available in both vector
and raster formats. The raster data set can be used as a companion to the
1996/97 Land Use of Australia data set which is also in raster format. Both
data sets have the same coordinate system, boundary coordinates and cell size
so that they can easily be overlaid. Users may find, however, that some cells
are classified as irrigated by the Australian Irrigation Areas data set and as
non-agricultural land by the 1996/97 Land Use of Australia data set.The
Version 1a data set may be of use to researchers and policy makers in need of
national, regional or local scale irrigation data, though the scale of the
source material is highly variable and completedness of coverage is poor in
some regions.

See [further metadata](
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