Dataset: Domestic Aviation Activity - Cities and Regions


This file provides data on Regular Public Transport (RPT) Domestic Aviation Activity in Australia by sector type. Each sector is classified using the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) 2016 based on location of the airport pair. ‘Major Cities’ covers sectors between two airports located in Major Cities, ‘Regional’ covers sectors where at least one airport is in an Inner Regional or Outer Regional area, but no airports are in Remote or Very remote areas and ‘Remote’ covers sectors where at least one airport is in a Remote or Very Remote location. Data are provided for Flights, Passenger trips, Seats, Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPKs), Available Seat Kilometres (ASKs), Distance flown, Load factors (RPKs/ASKs), Distance per flight, Seats per flight, Number of operators and Number of sectors.

General Information