Dataset: IMOS SOOP Sea Surface Temperature data collected on the Merchant Vessel Fantasea Wonder (Whitsundays Ferry)


This dataset contains Sea Surface Temperature (SST) underway observations collected on trips of the Merchant Vessel Fantasea Wonder (callsign: VJQ7467) between Shute Harbour and Hardy Reef.

Data available from the vessel are skin and bulk SST from two types of sensors.

Enhancement of Measurements on Ships of Opportunity (SOOP)-Sea Surface Temperature (SST) aims to supply near real-time SST data (within 24 hours) from SOOPs and research vessels in the Australian region.

Observed data are retrieved from the vessel once a day around 6pm and quality controlled at the Bureau of Meteorology. A daily file of 1-minute averages of the observations is generated around 0900 UTC and provided to eMII.

General Information