Dataset: IMOS - ABOS Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) Sub-Facility, Pulse 6 Mooring (Sept 2009 - Mar 2010)


The Pulse 6 mooring was deployed from September 2009 to March 2010 at Lat -46.3, Lon 140.6.

Data available in near-real time are the surface buoy position, mean acceleration and standard deviation, and statistics surface buoy battery voltage and telemetry success. After the mooring and sensors are retrieved, oceanographic data will be processed and made available through the IMOS Ocean Portal. In addition to the data files, graphed data and plots of mooring position are available.

Moored instruments are deployed by the IMOS Australian Bluewater Observing System (ABOS) Southern Ocean Time Series sub-facility for time-series observations of physical, biological, and chemical properties, in the Sub-Antarctic Zone southwest of Tasmania, with twice-yearly servicing.

The Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) Sub-Facility
is responsible for the deployment of Pulse moorings.

These time-series observations are crucial to resolving ecosystem processes that affect carbon cycling, ocean productivity and marine responses to climate variability and change, ocean acidification and other stresses.

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