Dataset: Effects of Prawn Trawling in the Torres Strait - Final Report 1993


Torres Strait Fisheries Scientific Advisory Committee (TSFSAC) Effects of Trawling - Final Report. This project was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries to assess the impact of trawling on the fish, turtle and selected invertebrate abundances in Torres Strait. It began in October 1983 and was completed in September 1990. The objective of the project was to put the issue into perspective by:

Refer to the final report:

Poiner IR and Harris ANM. (1993) To ascertain whether prawn trawling has a significant effect on the fish, turtle and selected invertebrate populations of Torres Strait, particularly as it affects those species which are used as food by Torres Strait Islanders. Final report to TSFSAC. CSIRO Division of Fisheries, Cleveland Qld.

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