Dataset: Mortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease


Standardised death rate per 100,000 persons for cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease:
In 2019, cardiovascular disease accounted for 43,249 deaths which was 25.5% of all deaths. Of these, there were 21,849 deaths for males and 21,400 deaths for females1.

The ABS advises that in 2019, the leading cause of death was Ischaemic heart disease (18,244 deaths), accounting for 10.8% of all deaths1. However, deaths from all cancers (neoplasms) combined accounted for 29.5% (49,967deaths) 1.

In 2019, diabetes was Australia's seventh leading cause of death, accounting for 2.9% of all deaths. There were 4,967 deaths from diabetes, comprising 2,731 deaths for males and 2,236 deaths for females1.

Respiratory Disease:
In 2019, respiratory disease accounted for 16,275 deaths, representing 9.6% of all deaths. Of these, there were 8,145 deaths for males and 8,130 deaths for females1.

Total deaths between ages 30 and 69:
In 2019, there were 25,181 deaths from non-communicable diseases for persons aged between 30 and 69. This comprised of 15,133 deaths for males and 10,048 deaths for females.

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