Dataset: Vlaming Sub-Basin Marine Environmental Survey (GA-0334/S. Supporter GP1373)(NCIP Program) - High Resolution Bathymetry grids


Geoscience Australia conducted a marine survey to provide seabed environmental information to support the assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the Vlaming Sub-Basin. The survey was undertaken under the Australian Government's National CO2 Infrastructure Plan (NCIP) to help identify sites suitable for the long term storage of CO2.
The major aim of this survey was to look for evidence of any gas fluid seepage at the seabed and wether the location had faults that have been identified in a number of seismic lines. The survey also mapped seabed biota in the area of interest to indentify any biota communities that are related with seepage. This research addresses key questions of the regional seal integrity of the Southern Perth Shale and the potential for storing of CO2 in the Early Cretaceous Gage Sandstone.
The survey was conducted by Fugro's Southern Supporter in the Vlaming Sub-Basin, North and South of Rotnest Island between the period of the 17th of March to the 20th of April 2012.
Shallow seismic sub bottom profiler data were acquired as well as high resolution multibeam bathymetry and backscatter data during the survey.

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