Dataset: Crayfish and octopus surveys, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia (WAMSI Node 3 Project 3.1.3)


A series of field trips were made along the entire length of Ningaloo Marine Park (NMP) in May, July, and September 2008. Underwater visual census (UVC) at inner and outer reef sites within both recreational and sanctuary zones (SZ) were undertaken from North West Cape SZ to the Turtle SZ at the southern end of NMP. In total, 132 lobsters from five species were counted from 265 transects and 18 separate locations (58 sites) along the entire coast of the NMP.

Sub-tidal surveys on snorkel and SCUBA were used for octopus surveys and were done simultaneously with lobster surveys. In addition to these, inter-tidal surveys were conducted in December 2008 providing total coverage of octopus habitat across a reef profile. In total, just 28 octopus from a single species (Octopus cyanea) were counted from 410 transects (265 subtidal and 145 inter-tidal) and 59 separate sites along the entire coast of the NMP.

General Information