Dataset: Water Quality Zones


The dataset shows MDB Water Quality Regions / Zones as at March 2010. The
dataset has been derived from the SRA Valley Zones as created by Sustainable
Rivers Audit (SRA) program in Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) which is a
comprehensive assessment of river health taken in the Murray Darling Basin.
This dataset was constructed in GDA94 coordinate system, using the Australian
Water Resources Council (AWRC) catchment layer and were then subdivided into
altitude zones. These altitude zones correspond to one of seven categories:
Montane, Upland, Slopes, Lowland, Upper, Middle, Lower and Mt Lofty.

The water quality regions have been defined using similar geomorphologic and
geophysical landscape characteristics. The amalgamations of altitude zones
were determined, using similar water quality parameter values. The water
quality regions as defined by this dataset have been used in the guide to the
Basin Plan.

General Information