Dataset: PEX200107. Petuna Explorer ES60 Acoustic Data, July 2001. St Patricks Head and St Helens Hill Roughy Grounds


Pilot data collection excercise to collect Simrad ES60 38kHZ vertical acoustic data from an industry vessel to assess the data management/quality issues and the suitablity of the vessel as an acoustic platform. Trips PEX200101 to PEX200104 tested the ES60 system. Trips PEX200105,06 and 07 are the main trips of interest where the Tasmanian east coast the roughy grounds were fished. A continuation of the 1999 acoustic survey of St Helens Hill where Southern Surveyor and the industry vessel Saxon Progress participated in acoustic surveying of orange roughy stocks (see Marlin record number 5545). 7 gigabytes of full sample rate ES60 data collected during the voyage.

General Information