Dataset: Tasmanian Herbarium


The Tasmanian Herbariumas collection of plant specimens is the largest and
most comprehensive record of the Tasmanian flora in the world. Collections
date from the first arrival of Europeans in the late 18th Century to the
present day. The collection also includes numerous specimens from other parts
of the world and the Australian mainland, especially in non-vascular plants.

Two thirds of the Australian Antarctic Division
(ADT), is now
incorporated into the Tasmanian Herbarium (HO), This ADT collection includes
bryophytes, lichens, vascular flora mainly from Antarctica and the
Subantarctic islands.

Statistics taken (September 2010) from:

u/chah/resources/herbaria/ho.html) (CHAH Last updated: June 2010)

au/chah/resources/herbaria/adt.html) (CHAH Last updated: June 2010)

The collection was established in c 1830a2s and continues to the present.

General Information