Dataset: NSW Water Register: Water access licences and water usage for Namoi water sources



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. Metadata was not provided and has been compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme based on known details at the time of acquisition.

The NSW Water Register provides public access to information about water licences, approvals, water trading, water dealings, environmental water and other matters related to water entitlements in NSW.

The register amalgamates information from several public registers maintained by the NSW Office of Water as part of its statutory responsibility to record water entitlement and water market information.

The NSW Water Register is complemented by the Water Access Licence Register maintained by Land and Property Information, which provides more detailed information about every water access licence in NSW.

Dataset History

Downloaded data from NSW water register

download procedure:


download date:

website accessed on 25 and 26 February	

choose the search for

"A particular water source"	

A particular water source (in relation to water access licences and approvals, including conditions, and water usage) 	

choose "Next"


Total number of water access licences and water usage for a water source 	

Water Source	

Water Sharing Plan	

Licence Category	

Period (Financial Year)	



The calculation of 'Water Made Available' in the search results may be affected by water access licences that have been cancelled or created part way through the selected financial year.	


Information on licences issued under the Water Act 1912 is not available via this search.	

Each of the following water sources were selected separately

Currabubula Alluvial	

GAB Surat Shallow	

Gunnedah Oxley basin	

Liverpool Ranges Basalt MDB	

Lower Namoi	

Quipolly alluvial	

Quirindi alluvial	

Southern Recharge	


Upper Namoi Zone 1	

Upper Namoi Zone 2	

Upper Namoi Zone 3	

Upper Namoi Zone 4	

Upper Namoi Zone 5	

Upper Namoi Zone 6	

Upper Namoi Zone 7	

Upper Namoi Zone 8	

Upper Namoi Zone 9	

Upper Namoi Zone 10	

Upper Namoi Zone 11	

Warrumbungle Basalt	

All of the available time periods were then selected separately, for each water source

The results of each search were copied and pasted into an excel worksheet.

once the data for a particular water year (eg '2008/09') was pasted into the worksheet the date of the download was pasted into a new column, for each row of data. This added column is highlighted on the following worksheet

the name of the groundwater source was also added for each set of data downloaded .

Dataset Citation

NSW Office of Water (2015) NSW Water Register: Water access licences and water usage for Namoi water sources. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 02 May 2016,

General Information