Dataset: Coastal Zone Management in Northern Australia: 1984 WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS


The workshop on 'Coastal Management in Northern Australia' was organised by the N.T. Branch of the Australian Marine Sciences Association and the North Australia Research Unit of The Australian National University. The workshop was held in conjunction with the 'Conference on Coasts and Tidal Wetlands of the Australian Monsoon Region', at the Museum of Arts and Science, Conacher Street, Bullocky Point, Darwin, NT between 4-11th November 1984. This record links to the proceedings of the workshop currently archived in the ANU institutional repository, Demetrius.

Coastal zone management is primarily about conservation of resources. As an objective, conservation must be viewed not only as a way of retaining what we have but also for creating what we want. In the Northern Territory, coastal environments are for the most part still unspoilt and very often near to original, except in localised areas. There is, therefore, an opportunity not existing elsewhere in the tropical world, to assess what we wish to plan towards and to establish the infrastructure by which such plans can be achieved.

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