Dataset: Windmill Islands 1:10000 Glacial Sediments GIS Dataset


This dataset is one of a number of datasets containing geomorphological data relating to the Windmill Islands, Wilkes Land, Antarctica. The dataset comprises of a digital point coverage of glacial sediments, collected and identified from documented field observations compiled by Dr Ian D Goodwin from his own field notes as well as topographic and surface features identified and interpreted on aerial photographs taken by AUSLIG (now Geoscience Australia) in the 1993-94 field season. Each glacial sediment sample is represented as a point which is linked to a separate digital database (ie attribute tables) containing additional information. Sediment samples collected on glacial moraine ridges and along raised beach ridges and shorelines represent a chronology of glacial events/influences on the landscape. Sediment samples taken as a profiled sequence or core can be dated using radiocarbon dating to provide a chronological picture and age occurance of deglaciation and glaciation cycles within the Windmill Islands.

General Information