Dataset: Geological and Oceanographic Model of Australia's Continental Shelf (GEOMACS)


Geoscience Australia's GEOMACS model was utilised to produce hindcast hourly time series of bed shear stress on the Australian continental shelf on a 0.1 degree grid covering the period March 1997 to February 2008 (inclusive). The effective depth range of the model output is approximately 20 - 150 m (see 'Data Quality Attribute Accuracy' below). The hindcast data represents the combined contribution to the bed shear stress by waves, tides, wind and density-driven circulation. The stability of the seabed sediment surface, which is controlled by seabed shear stress, is likely to influence benthic community structure and species diversity.

There are 8 grids in the dataset: geomacs_excee, geomacs_gmean, geomacs_qua25, geomacs_qua50, geomacs_qua75, geomacs_range, geomacs_ratio, and geomacs_tmean. Please see the metadata for further information.

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