Dataset: NERP TE Project 3.3 Targeted surveys for missing and critically endangered rainforest frogs in ecotonal areas, and assessment of whether populations are recovering from disease (JCU)


This project is conducting surveys of frogs and other vertebrates in ecotonal areas of the Wet Tropics and Eungella. The primary aims are to: (1) assess the current status, distribution and population size of missing and critically endangered frog species of the Wet Tropics and Eungella; (2) map the distribution and intensity of chytrid fungus disease across ecotonal areas; (3) survey these poorly known ecotonal areas for other vertebrates; and (4) provide recommendations for the management of endangered frogs and other threatened vertebrates, and work with land managers to carry out conservation actions. Ultimately this project will determine:

  1. whether the ┬┐extinct┬┐ frogs of the Wet Tropics and Eungella are really extinct, and what the status of the critically endangered and endagered species is,
  2. whether the dry forest/rainforest ecotones of the western Wet Tropics and Eungella harbour overlooked populations of missing and endangered endangered frog species, and other vertebrates of interest, and
  3. whether threatened frogs are recovering from chytrid disease.

General Information