Dataset: Soviet Fishery Data (Australian Waters) - vessel Berg-1 March-May 1965


This dataset comprises catch compositions and trawl locations from a cruise of the Russian fishery research vessel "Berg-1" carried out in Australian waters between March and May 1965, containing 145 demersal trawls from the Victoria and Tasmania coasts, Bass Strait, the Great Australian Bight and Western Australia coast. Most records include catch composition by species (presence/absence but not weight), also some data on length frequency, maturity and diet of commercially important species. The data were obtained by exchange with Soviet scientists in the mid 1990s and has had CSIRO species codes incorporated. The dataset is now in an Oracle database in Hobart, and analyses/summaries of the data are given in the accompanying report (see References). A MS Access version of the dataset has been compiled for use within the North West Shelf-JEMS study. This version is available on-line for researchers in the NWS-JEMS study (see data links). The data are also accessible to authorised users via CMR's "Data Trawler" application. A username and password is required to access this dataset.

General Information