Dataset: WAMSI 2 - Dredging Node - Project 6.3 Defining Thresholds and Indicators of Filter-feeder Response to Dredging Related Pressures - FIELD SURVEYS, Western Australia


Project 6.3 - Field surveys: The objective of this work is to provide in situ community level data (major taxa and species, diversity, dominant growth forms, abundance, density etc.) for local filter feeders at two scales of survey (large scale: underwater video and scoring, small scale: SCUBA, sampling and analyses) and reveal which taxa or growth forms are habitat-forming and should be used for the experimental work (Project 6.4). The main focus will be on sponges, but other filter feeders will also be included at Class level (sponges vs. tunicates vs. cnidarians vs. bryozoans). In addition, this work will identify changes before vs. after the dredging work and therefore validate parts of the tank work. Subject to the consistency of responses across all filter feeders or immediately obvious patterns, we aim to identify of the most vulnerable organisms that may be used as biomonitors, and responses that may act as bioindicators for dredging-related stress. Samples will be collected to determine community attributes such as proportion of heterotrophy vs. phototrophy etc.

General Information