Dataset: IMOS-SOOP-Air Sea Flux: Flux product from the Research Vessel Tangaroa


This dataset contains quality controlled meteorological observations and bulk air-sea fluxes.

Enhancement of Measurements on Ships of Opportunity (SOOP) - Air Sea Flux (ASF) R.V. Tangaroa collects underway meteorological and oceanographic observations during its voyages in Sub-Antarctic.

Data streams are fed into the existing ship data management system, and broadcast via satellite back to New Zealand daily. The observations are quality controlled at the Bureau of Meteorology and air-sea fluxes calculated using the COARE Bulk Flux algorithm.

A daily file of 5-minute average calculated bulk fluxes are generated shortly after 0000UTC and provided to eMII.

The data is contained in NetCDF format files and consists of input QC'd meteorological observations as well as calculated air-sea fluxes. The fluxes are calculated using the COARE Bulk Flux algorithm version 3.0. Input observations are selected from multiple data-streams in the cases of; wind (upwind instrument selected); air temperature and humidity (upwind instrument selected), and short (maximum value used) and long-wave (minimum value used). Other input observations included are sea surface temperatures (SST) and air pressure. Calculated fluxes include, sensible heat, latent heat, outgoing long-wave, outgoing short-wave and heat due to precipitation. The calculated skin SST value is included. Flags are provided to indicate which sensor (when multiple are available) has been used as input to compute the flux. QC flags are not provided as fluxes are only computed when good data is available.

General Information