Dataset: Hydrodynamic model of the Cooper Creek floodplain



This dataset was compiled by the Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program from source data referenced within the dataset and/or metadata. NOTE: LARGE FILE SIZE ~235 GB. The dataset contains the model files, inputs and outputs for the hydrodynamic model of the Cooper Creek floodplain. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement. The Cooper GBA region has a large floodplain that floods frequently. This dataset contains model setups and validation results of a 2D hydrodynamic model (MIKE21FM), and all inputs and outputs for selected historical flood events (one set each for the Queensland side and South Australian side of the Cooper Creek). The calibrated hydrodynamic model can be used to evaluate how flood characteristics may change under future scenarios (development and future climate change). Outputs from the hydrodynamic modelling include 6 hourly estimates of spatial flood extents across the modelling domain, and water depth and velocities for each mesh element for all the historical flood events used. The full details about the modelling (model setups, inputs and outputs) are described in details in the Cooper flood modelling report. This is a large dataset and may take several hours to several days to download depending on internet connection speed.


Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program


The model setup includes model mesh and all related setup files, inputs include rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, LiDAR DEM, river and water holes bathymetry, classified Landsat images for the flood events used, soil characteristics, vegetation characteristics, observed streamflow at the upstream gauges and ungauged inflows along the model domain boundaries estimated using a regionally calibrated rainfall-runoff model.
The methods report without accompanying data is available from the CSIRO Research Publications Repository. Vaze, Jai; Mateo, Cherry; Kim, Shaun; Marvanek, Steve; Ticehurst, Catherine; Wang, Bill; Gallant, John; Crosbie, Russell; Holland, Kate. Floodplain Inundation Modelling for the Cooper Basin, Australia. Australia: CSIRO; 2021.

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