Dataset: Income Support Customers a Statistical Overview Report - Financial Year Reports


The Department of Social Services (DSS) is the Australian Government’s preeminent source of advice on social policy and works in partnership with other government and non-government organisations to manage a diverse range of programs and services designed to support and improve the lives of Australians. DSS has whole of government responsibility

This statistical overview presents information about income support payments and customers administered by a number of Australian Government departments.

Unless otherwise indicated, the statistics relate to the relevant pay periods closest to 30 June. These periods will generally be within a fortnight either side of that date.

Key sections of the overview are:

Payment and allowance information, including eligibility criteria, are included within each section.
When The Department of Social Services was formed in September 2013 the publishing of the Statistical Paper series ceased.
The DSS Payments Demographic Data Set is updated quarterly and covers the majority of the information contained in the Statistical Paper series.
Please contact the Data Requests team if you have any questions in relation to this publication or the DSS Payment Demographic Data Set.

Further information to assist with the interpretation of statistics is available from the DSS and Human Services websites:

Department of Human Services (DHS)

Department of Social Services (DSS).

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