Dataset: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Seabed Biodiversity Project - baited remote underwater video station (BRUVS (TM)) surveys of vertebrates


The dataset comprises 39,989 individuals from 347 species of fishes, sharks, rays and sea snakes observed at 366 sites from 1585 baited remote underwater video stations (BRUVS) videos. There are over 17,000 images referenced by site, with 2,200 of the best images in a 'reference library'.

Data recorded concern:

The custom interface developed by AIMS staff, BRUVS2.1mdb©, Australian Institute of Marine Science 2006, added this data to, and called up, 'operations' data collected at sea when each BRUVS was deployed.

The unique combination of a site and a Camera Number links all records in all tables of the relational database, allowing access to times that events occurred, together with reference images and reference video.

General Information