Dataset: ABARES Drought Risk by Farm Profit


This layer displays the percentage of drought risk by Farm Profit by ABARES AAGIS (Australian Agricultural and Grazing Industry Survey) regions as determined by Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Science (ABARES).

This dataset comes from the “Measuring drought risk: The exposure and sensitivity of Australian farms to drought” research report authored by ABARES in 2020.

The variables in the dataset relate to Table 7 in the report (however the figures were updated in 2021), where drought year (drought_yr) refers to farm profit in a drought year ($000) and normal year (normal_yr) refers to farm profit in a normal year ($000) which has been sourced from ABARES farmpredict model. Drought risk is then defined as the percentage change in farm profit between normal and drought years.

Please note there is insufficient data in the AAGIS QLD South Queensland Coastal – Curtis to Moreton and NSW Tablelands (Norther Central and Southern) therefore these regions are not displayed.

General Information