Dataset: Linnaeus Voyage LI2014_V16 (UWY) Underway Data


This dataset contains the Underway (UWY) data collected on Linnaeus voyage LI2014_V16.
Voyage Title: IMOS Mooring Service. The purpose of this voyage was to service the 60 metre IMOS mooring site off Rottnest Island. The voyage took place on the 8th August 2014, from Hillarys (WA) to the Perth Canyon and return to Hillarys (WA) to service two IMOS moorings. The Underway (=continuously recorded) dataset from this research voyage includes: sea-surface temperature and NAV data. NAV data includes GPS (Global Positioning System) measurements of latitude, longitude, ship's direction and speed. Data are stored at 1 second intervals (NetCDF format) and both 10 second 5 minute intervals (.csv format). Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the data processing report for this voyage.

General Information