Dataset: Pride of Eden Voyage PoE 1/89 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Pride of Eden cruise PoE 4/89 (originally scheduled as Soela SO 4/89; also referred to in some documentation as PoE 4/89). This cruise took place on the Australian North West Shelf during 12 September - 10 October 1989, under the leadership of Wade Whitelaw. 105 trawl stations were completed; length frequency data for 14 species of fish was collected including Saurida, Epinephelus, Lutjanus, Nemipterus, Diagramma an Lethrinus spp.; 3 hydrographic transects were carried out using a submersible data logger (SDL) to profile temperature and salinity; and numerous fish specimens were retained for further taxonomic study. Otoliths were collected from 4 of the major species (Lutjanus sebae, Lutjanus choerorynchus, Saurida undosquamis and Nemipterus furcosus). 35mm underwater photography was used successfully on 79 of the trawl stations and an underwater video camera was deployed on 17 trawls to ascertain the effects of the trawl on the benthos. Video and observations were also made of commercial trawling practices in the area as used on F.V. "Pilbura".(derived from the cruise report) - Biological Field Data Sheets recorded during this voyage have been scanned to PDF, and are available (to CSIRO Staff only) on-line. See the details link under "Stored Media List" (below).

General Information