Dataset: 2008 TasFutures - CCAM Regional Climate Model Dataset (nested in ECHAM5 / A2 scenario) 1961-2100


The CSIRO archive of the Tas Futures 2008 Regional Climate Model simulation datasets for the years 1961-2100. Created with the CSIRO CCAM (Cubic Conformal Amostpheric Model) RCM (Regional Climate Model) by dynamically downscaling the ECHAM5 (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology-European Center Atmospheric Model 5) outputs to 60 km resolution (C64 Grid) with the main target area centered over Australasia. These runs have been completed using only bias corrected SST(Sea Surface Temperatures) and Sea Ice (No Atmospheric) forcings. 4X Daily atmospheric variables are available globally at 18 levels with .5ยบ (60km) resolution on a C64 Grid. There are 1680 daily files in netcdf format, totaling approximately 2.47 TB. Regional climate data is also available for CCAM nested in other GCMS as part of this project. This dataset has also been further downscaled to 14km resolution for the Tasmania region.

General Information