Dataset: Photographic Index of Australian Fishes (PIAF)


The Photographic Index of Australian Fishes (PIAF) is a collection of over 40,000 colour transparencies of some 2,500 fish species, representing more than half of the Australian fish fauna, held in conjunction with the Australian National Fish Collection (formerly the I.S.R. Munro Ichthyological Collection). It encompasses all of Australia's commercial seafood species, and contains the only photographs in existence of many bycatch species. It contains images of species from rivers and estuaries, from near-shore to the deep ocean, from the temperate regions to the tropics, as well as from remote offshore islands and the sub-Antarctic. CSIRO marine scientists have assembled PIAF over the last 30 years as a by-product of coastal and deep ocean surveys. PIAF images of commercial species have recently been published in the Australian Seafood Handbook, and also been used extensively in several books, such as South East Fishery Quota Species: an identification guide, Field Guide to Trawl Fish from Temperate Waters of Australia and Continental Shelf Fishes of Northern and North-Western Australia.

General Information