Dataset: VIF2008 Projected Population by 5 Year Age Groups and Sex – SLA LGA SSD SD 2006-2026


This file contains projected population age structures in 5-year age groups
for the Statistical Local Areas (SLAs) in Victoria for each 5-year period from
2006 to 2026. These projections are also aggregated to provide age structures
for Local Government Areas (LGAs), Statistical Subdivisions (SSDs) and
Statistical Divisions (SDs). Included are explanatory notes for the Victoria
in Future 2008 a first release population projections.

Victoria in Future 2008 is the official population projection set of the State
of Victoria. Projections have been released four times, beginning with
Victoria in Future 1997. The data provide an insight into the likely future
size, location and structure of our population, as well as components of
population change (births, deaths, migration) and the way we form households,
given assumptions about the continuation of current societal, economic and
demographic trends. Victoria in Future data is used widely within state
government, as well as the private and community sectors. The data are used to
understand the population as it stands and as it is likely to be, and is used
most often in the strategic planning for businesses and organisations
including, but not limited to: land use and development, health and community
services, transport, justice, retail and commercial, water, energy and

General Information