Dataset: The physical environment of Scott Reef, Western Australia (2003): South Scott Reef, East Hook Transect (H)


Six instruments were deployed on the South Scott Reef, East Hook Transect (H). Instruments were deployed along a transect down the reef slope.

Code: EH6; Depth: 1.9m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6537;
Code: EH5; Depth: 1.2m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6540;
Code: EH4; Depth: 2.2m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6549;
Code: EH3; Depth: 6.3m; Instrument: Tidbit; Serial #: SL1-1;
Code: EH2; Depth: 10m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6557;
Code: EH1; Depth: 19.7m; Instrument: AQD; Serial #: 1015; File Name: EH1uvm

General Information