Dataset: Meteorological measurements at Governor Head, Jervis Bay: 03/11/89 - 24/09/91: 15 minute samples


This dataset is a component of the 'Jervis Bay Baseline Studies' project conducted by the Department of Defence, CSIRO and the Australian Defence Force Academy.

The Steedman EMS-16 Meteorological Station housing an R.M. Young anemometer and YSI barometer was set up near Governor Head, Jervis Bay (35.133S, 150.762E). The site was several hundred metres inland of 50m high cliffs and was 63m above sea-level.

Between 3nd Nov 1989 and 24th September 1991 the station recorded wind velocity, direction (E/W and N/S components) and atmospheric pressure.

The Meteorological Station recorded 15 minute vector averages of the wind velocity and 15 minute values of air pressure. Data is presented in the oceanographic format i.e. 'direction going to'. The datasets titled 'Additional meteorological data' provide information on the average wind speed and direction, as well as the maximum gusts.

This is one of thirty-six child records that relate to the parent, 629051e0-2b7b-11dd-a343-00188b4c0af8. A pdf outlining the structure and hierarchy of metadata records relating to the 'Jervis Bay Baseline Studies' project is available to download through this record. Meteorological data was collected to investigate wind forced circulation in Jervis Bay, NSW.

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