Dataset: Windmill Islands 1:10000 Lichenometry GIS Dataset


This dataset is one of a number of datasets containing geomorphological data relating to the Windmill Islands, Wilkes Land, Antarctica. It comprises a digital map showing the locations of Windmill Islands lichenometric observations and a linked digital database containing the maximum thallus size recorded at each location. It includes observations of lichens growing on nunataks for which the time of deglaciation is known and observations of lichens growing on supraglacial moraine ridges for which the time of formation is not known. This dataset thus provides the basis for a relative chronology of moraine development based on the assumption that the growth of the lichen thallus has been constant since the time of deglaciation.

These data were compiled by Dr Ian D Goodwin from his own field notes and from the records of other workers. See the linked document at the URL below for further information.

General Information