Dataset: Geoscape Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF)


Geoscape G-NAF is the geocoded address database for Australian businesses and governments. It’s the trusted source of geocoded address data for Australia with over 50 million contributed addresses distilled into 15.4 million G-NAF addresses. It is built and maintained by Geoscape Australia using independently examined and validated government data.

From 22 August 2022, Geoscape Australia is making G-NAF available in an additional simplified table format. G-NAF Core makes accessing geocoded addresses easier by utilising less technical effort.

G-NAF Core will be updated on a quarterly basis along with G-NAF.

Further information about contributors to G-NAF is available here.

With more than 15 million Australian physical address record, G-NAF is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful spatial datasets. The records include geocodes, which are latitude and longitude map coordinates. G-NAF does not contain personal information or details relating to individuals.

Updated versions of G-NAF are published on a quarterly basis. Previous versions are available here

Users have the option to download datasets with feature coordinates referencing either GDA94 or GDA2020 datums.

Changes in the February 2024 release

Further information on G-NAF, including FAQs on the data, is available here or through Geoscape Australia’s network of partners. They provide a range of commercial products based on G-NAF, including software solutions, consultancy and support.

Additional information: On 1 October 2020, PSMA Australia Limited began trading as Geoscape Australia.

##License Information

Use of the G-NAF downloaded from is subject to the End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

The EULA terms are based on the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0). However, an important restriction relating to the use of the open G-NAF for the sending of mail has been added.

The open G-NAF data must not be used for the generation of an address or the compilation of an address for the sending of mail unless the user has verified that each address to be used for the sending of mail is capable of receiving mail by reference to a secondary source of information. Further information on this use restriction is available here.

End users must only use the data in ways that are consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles issued under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Users must also note the following attribution requirements:

Preferred attribution for the Licensed Material:

_G-NAF © Geoscape Australia licensed by the Commonwealth of Australia under the _Open Geo-coded National Address File (G-NAF) End User Licence Agreement.

Preferred attribution for Adapted Material:

Incorporates or developed using G-NAF © Geoscape Australia licensed by the Commonwealth of Australia under the Open Geo-coded National Address File (G-NAF) End User Licence Agreement.

What to Expect When You Download G-NAF

G-NAF is a complex and large dataset (approximately 5GB unpacked), consisting of multiple tables that will need to be joined prior to use. The dataset is primarily designed for application developers and large-scale spatial integration. Users are advised to read the technical documentation, including product change notices and the individual product descriptions before downloading and using the product. A quick reference guide on unpacking the G-NAF is also available.

General Information