Dataset: Aquafin CRC Salmon Project - Process Study 3- Diel Survey - North West Bay - October 2006


Process Study 3 was undertaken between 03-05 October 2006 in North West Bay. At site 2 a diel study was undertaken during 03 - 04 October. Samples were collected for the analysis of nutrients, dissolved oxygen, phytoplankton species identification, chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments and the absorption coefficients for dissolved (CDOM) particulate (ap) and detrital or non-algal (ad) components of the water column. Samples were collected at 1500, 1700, 1900 and 2200 on 03 October and 0630, 1000 and 1400 on 04 October. At each collection time, three depths were sampled (0, 10 and 20); an additional sample was also collected from the depth of the chlorophyll max (as determined by the fluorescence profile) when the depth of the chlorophyll max was different to one of the three depths already sampled. A 12 m integrated water column sample was collected at two times during the diel study at 1500 (03 October) and 0630 (04 October). At each collection time, prior to the collection of the samples a CTD (Seacat 4550) profile to near bottom was collected . In the results recorded for the diel study in North West Bay, the start time of each sample collection is recorded in local time, which in October 2006 would have been in daylight saving time (AESDT). Therefore the times recorded are one hour ahead of the "real" time (AEST). For any work looking at the relationship between time of day and the pigment concentration, nutrient concentration or absorption coefficients, you will need to use the recorded time less one hour. For example samples collectd at site 2 during the colletion labelled T1 are listed as being collected at 1658 hours, but for time relationship studies you should use 1558 hours (AEST). PLEASE NOTE - The phytoplankton results were updated in June 2012 with a correction. The original biovolume unit in column L and M was incorrect and should have been ┬ÁL/L. The values in column M and L have been divided by 1000 and the unit mL/L left unchanged. Other values are not affected including CPL and Group CPL.

General Information