Dataset: APS Career Pathfinder


Live release 1.0

This APS Career Pathfinder dataset contains the capability frameworks, role definitions and learning catalogues used by the APS Career Pathfinder tool to facilitate career exploration and development in the Australian Public Service (APS).

The role definitions include typical APS roles, which describe the skills and general capability requirements typically found in APS jobs based on those roles. You can use these definitions to determine potential career pathways and identify skills gaps and learning solutions that may help fill those gaps.

The focus at present is on digital roles, and therefore the capability frameworks, role definitions and the learning catalogue we are using primarily address digital, data and ICT. However, the APS Career Pathfinder tool has the capability to work with other types of capability framework, with roles and leaning mapped accordingly, so that it can support career exploration and development in potentially any area of capability.

We’ve defined roles according to skills drawn from capability frameworks, primarily SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age. We use additional capability frameworks where relevant, including other skills frameworks (like CIISec, the Chartered Institute of Information Security skills framework, and the DCF Data Capability Framework), knowledge frameworks (like our simple knowledge magnitude scale), and behaviours (using the APS Work Level Standards). Additional details about roles include:

We may define roles as typical APS roles, which are not specific to any agency, or as agency-specific roles. Agencies can include their role definitions in this dataset by sending their definitions to the contact email below.

Please send requests to change or augment any of this data to the contact email below. We may consult with our community before including them.

This dataset includes the full SFIA framework, reproduced and made available through the SFIA-AU license. Use throughout Australia is permitted through this license, but may be restricted for foreign and multi-national organisations.

General Information